My husband and I would like to thank everyone at HealthBridge for their exceptional level of professionalism and warmth. The entire staff makes one feel more than comfortable in a highly welcoming environment. Dr. Susan Mirkinson is a highly knowledgeable internist who treats her patients with extreme care. She is an excellent doctor who we trust with all our medical needs. We recommend her with the highest regard. We consider HealthBridge more than perfect in every sense of the word.
As a practicing physician for over 4 decades, I spent much time counseling patients on weight loss, mostly with limited results. As I grew older I began to put on weight which I found exceedingly difficult to lose. I have had coronary artery bypass surgery and needed to shed several pounds. After much discussion with my Internist, I was referred to Dr. David Edelson for a weight loss regimen. His approach was so successful that, not only did I lose over 30 pounds, I lost my sleep apnea as well. Consultations with Dr. Edelson as well as with his practice’s nutritionist have been so informative that I have kept this weight off for many months in spite of much travel. I continue to refer patients to Dr. Edelson and anticipate equally good results for them.
Your professional yet down to earth personality makes you so unique and genuine. You always make time for me in your busy schedule and I so appreciate it. With some doctors I have encountered during my difficult journey through cancer and its after-effects, I’m made to feel “less than” because of my inability to pay. Not you and your most capable and caring staff. I am always greeted with a warm “hello”. Everything you all do for me adds up to a legacy of caring that will always be treasured.
I’d like to express my appreciation for the devotion, professionalism, and humanity demonstrated to me at HealthBridge. Struggling with my stubborn thyroid my whole life, I sought out the physicians at HealthBridge to shed some light on why my previous doctor’s prescription wasn’t positively affecting me. Making the appointment took all of two minutes. The staff were exceptionally friendly, and made my feel like I was more than just a patient number in their files. They do take insurance plans. They also offer different options for appropriate patients who require/wish for different services and accommodations. The practice is clean, spacious, and comfortable. Most importantly, during my actual visit, I was incredibly impressed by how thorough the exam was! It wasn’t a five minute “let’s check your pulse; cough please; follow my flying finger; yep, you’re living; see me in six months” kind of visit. Full bloodwork was taken, BMI calculated, hearing, heart rate/murmurs, sight, etc. Time is invested into the patient, and that is what sets this office apart from most other practices. The doctor was very proactive with the exam and encouraged any questions or concerns that he could address before I left. His main goal was to make sure I was comfortable and satisfied with the visit, tests, and information shared. I then promptly received a call a few days later by the doctor himself (not the staff) to talk about the results and what options I could choose from to better my health. He opened my eyes to the reasons why I was not receiving the results I had desired over the years, and I am grateful to have come across this practice; I can literally say it has been a life-changing experience. I highly recommend any patients who are interested in being treated as more than an “appointment” to visit HealthBridge to see a physician (they’re all awesome). They’ll make you feel right at home, and make sure you leave the office completely satisfied with your experience, guaranteed.
My wife and I have been with HealthBridge for over 10 years and view them as one of the finest medical practices in the country. We have been treated by several of the doctors in the practice over the years and have always had a good experience. The staff is extremely hard working and friendly. We are patients that lived through the evaluation and transition of several of the doctors to the concierge model. Our doctor was open and honest about the pros and cons of transitioning his business and we fully supported his decision. Yes, there are out of pocket costs. But when you think about the benefits of having your doctor available 24/7 it is well worth it. Recently I was not feeling well and told my friend that I was going to call the doctor to discuss my condition. They looked at me and said “but it’s Sunday”. I called, he picked up right away as my friend looked on with astonishment. “This is like the doctors our parents had when we were kids” he said. Yes, exactly. It’s going back to a time when doctors could provide a highly personal level of service and still make the kind of living their training and dedication deserved without having the industry pressures of taking on more and more patients just to maintain their business. Our doctor has dedicated himself to knowing not only our medical histories but knowing us as individual people. Trust me, this makes a huge difference in the level of care we receive. When was the last time your doctor called you to see how you were doing?? HealthBridge has leveraged current technologies as well. We retired last year and moved upstate. We talk by phone, use Skype for face-to-face “check ins”, and use the Patient Portal extensively. This has been a real comfort for us, knowing we could maintain a high level of care even when we are miles apart. We are blessed in that we are not burdened at this time by the extra cost of our doctor’s excellent care but if it ever comes down to it, we’ll eat out less and put our healthcare first.
There are so many things I could thank you for. But the most important is to thank you for the last 21 years of Alan’s life. From the day I first met you in the ICU to the last visit Alan had, you treated him, you nurtured him, and he knew you cared about him. Somtimes you cajoled him and convinced him to do things that I could never get him to do. He respected you, loved you and considered you his friend as well as his doctor. He put himself in your hands and you never let him down. Whenever I called you, you were there for me. You were the strength and backbone to help me care for Alan. And now each time I see you, the piece of me that is Alan will know you’re there.
I read about HealthBridge’s weight loss program in Newsday. Their approach to weight management was different from anything I have tried in the past. Once I started the program I decided to change my primary care over to Healthbridge. I got the feeling of support and caring from the first medical exam. The nutritional therapy provided by his Dietitian and the exercise program provided by his Physical Trainer helped me attain my goals and live a healthier lifestyle. The Sleep Medicine Center helped with my sleep apnea which was making me feel tired all the time and slowing down my weight loss in the past. The office facilities are new and extremely clean. HealthBridge’s friendly staff has supported me through my process and always greet me with a smile, call me by name, and go out of there way to make sure that I am provided for during my visit. I recommend Healthbridge to people all the time because they can provide such a wide variety of services.
Healthbridge is a fantastic facility. My doctor cares so deeply about his patients, and it shows. He spent so much time with me, going over everything that I had a question about. I feel safe in his care. His staff was outstanding and the facility was quite impressive. They have everything under one roof! I really feel a sense of family here at HealthBridge. I would highly recommend them.