The Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift

People of all ages, both men, and women, have beauty concerns. In the past, facelift surgery or harsh chemical treatments were the only options. Now with advanced aesthetic technologies, we can offer stress-free, surgery-free solutions and alternatives to the traditional facelift. Venus is able to deliver real results, safe and quick treatments without embarrassing or painful downtime.

Subtle, Natural-Looking Results. Little to NO Downtime. Quick & Comfortable Treatments.

Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift Package Includes:

3 Venus Viva Treatments

  • Treat fine lines & wrinkles
  • Improve skin tone & texture

6 Venus Versa Treatments

  • MP2 Radiofrequency & Pulsed EMF Advanced Technology
  • Tighten skin, stimulate collagen & reduce fat deposits

Bonus! Post Treatment Skin Care Products – a $200 value!

  • Utilizing advanced Stem Cell therapy
  • Speed the healing process while rejuvenating the skin

The Spa at HealthBridge offers this package at $2995

(only $2395 for Platinum Members)

When treatments are purchased separately, the Ultimate Facelift is over $4,000!

The Spa at HealthBridge is open to the community and is not limited to clients, members, and patients.