An Innovative Health Program Designed to Give You the Edge. Executive Platinum Plus

Healthcare application on touch screen. Executives experience unique stresses like relentless schedules, economic pressure, intense competition, high demand for accomplished goals and to consistently exceed expectations. The pressure you likely put on yourself to be as productive as possible in your career combined with an attempt to balance a personal life results in exhaustion, stress and fatigue. This is not sustainable and certainly does not benefit your bottom line. HealthBridge physicians are among New York’s Top Doctors and are no stranger to the unique needs of the busy executive. With Executive Platinum Plus you have comprehensive concierge care at your fingertips.

Care Delivered When & How You Need It.

We understand hectic schedules and value your time as we value ours. That is why same-day or next-day appointments are available to you with little to no wait time. You will also have 24/7 cell phone access to your HealthBridge primary doctor. Traveling for work or pleasure? Perhaps you are getting stuck in the office with tight deadlines? We have you covered. Virtual Visits via FaceTime and Skype are also available with our award-winning team. Or email your doctor directly when you have less urgent questions or needs.executives-comp-3

Prevention and Productivity

Preventive care aims to keep you healthy and detect problems early. It is easier and more efficient to maintain your health than it is to recover from illness. This means less time lost to fulfill your work requirements, a clearer mind to make tough decisions and a stronger more fit body to carry you through long hours and aggressive schedules. Platinum Plus clients take full advantage of the HealthVantage Executive Physical & Assessment. In addition to experienced and award-winning physicians for primary care, comprehensive preventive services are convenient and accessible at HealthBridge offering everything under one roof.

  • Fitness Center – The in-house gym at HealthBridge has everything you need for a well-rounded workout. Enjoy the facility anytime during our hours or consider pairing a little extra exercise time with your on-site visits to HealthBridge for ultimate efficiency.
  • AASM Sleep Facility – HealthBridge Sleep Medicine is one of just a handful of facilities in the tri-state area that has been fully accredited by the American Society of Sleep Medicine. We offer a comprehensive approach to diagnose and treat a wide variety of sleep disorders. Not only can poor sleep cause fatigue and impaired daily function, but research shows that it can be at the root of many serious medical problems such as heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and obesity, to name just a few.
  • Full-Service Medspa – Addressing aesthetic concerns can be an essential part of the path to wellness and restoring confidence. The Spa at HealthBridge offers many services to rejuvenate your face & reshape your body with little to no downtime.
  • Travel Medicine – HealthBridge is home to one of the few fully Certified Travel Medicine facilities on Long Island. Our physicians are experienced in providing advice on travel throughout the world, and administering vaccinations when needed.
  • Weight Management – Our Thin-Site program was developed by Dr. David Edelson, one of the nation’s top doctors in Obesity Medicine. With the compassionate help of our team of Registered Dietitians, Fitness Trainers and stress management experts, our program has achieved remarkable success, regardless of whether you need to lose 5 or 500 pounds.
  • Wellness Services – A full spectrum of HealthBridge approved wellness providers that are properly, trained, certified or licensed professionals. You get unlimited access to our top rated Registered Dietician, as well as preferred access to Personal training, Acupuncture, Yoga, Reiki and QiGong,  just to name a few of the unique health practitioners you can utilize for a comprehensive wellness & stress management plan.

The health business is booming

A Host of Premium Benefits Awaits

Executive Plus members enjoy benefits not covered by traditional healthcare insurance, all for an affordable monthly fee.

  • Personalized access to some of NY’s Top Doctors
  • 24-hour cell phone access to your HealthBridge Primary Care MD
  • Virtual office visits, anywhere on the globe.
  • Annual HealthVantage Executive Physical & Assessment
  • Unlimited access to Registered Dietician
  • Fitness evaluation by top Certified Personal Trainers
  • Skin and beauty consultation by Licensed Aesthetician
  • Sleep assessment by Registered Sleep Technologist
  • Platinum Concierge for all your scheduling needs
  • Extended appointments of 30 minutes or more
  • Full membership in the HealthBridge Fitness Center
  • Access to FitLinxx computerized training system
  • Fully electronic medical records accessible 24/7 worldwide
  • Discounts on Wellness Services and an array of health & beauty products
  • Spa at HealthBridge special reduced pricing on all medspa services

Let’s Keep Your Health A Priority Together.

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Strictly Limited Membership

Each of our Primary Care physicians will only be accepting a limited number of Platinum patients. Once your doctor has reached their Platinum Program limit, their panel will close and a waiting list will begin. This way, each Platinum Concierge patient will receive the most personalized and attentive care possible.

Top New York Doctors

HealthBridge Doctors are Consistently Voted Top New York Doctors by Their Patients and Peers